Finding water!

Posted on Tue October 10, 2017.

The Western Cape is suffering from a severe drought. There are strict water saving measures in place in most areas. The only solution for us was to install a borehole.

In July Dries and I made the decision to install a borehole at our guest house due to the severe drought in the Western Cape.  This was not an easy decision as it is extremely expensive and there are no guarantees that water will be found.

The first step was to do some homework.  So after numerous quotes, we decided which company to use.  

Then the next step was to find an expert to tell us whether there was a possibility of finding water.  

Well, it was very interesting to watch the water diviner walking around with a tape measure which bent itself into an arch where it sensed water.  (Actually it was quite weird, to be honest.) That was the first diviner.

 I found a "water geologist" who came to check for water.  He was elderly and said his equipment was too heavy to carry (I thought he was going to make a scientific decision!), so he ended up divining water with two sticks.  (About 4 meters from where  the first diviner found water.)

Finally the drilling contractor came for a site inspection and also did the stick thing and confirmed the second spot.

The drilling rig arrived on a Tuesday about two weeks ago.  It was huge!  Coming from a family with a construction background I enjoyed the hustle and bustle and noise.  The most nerve wracking was watching the drilling process  and praying for water.  Now I know what a gambler feels like!

The gamble paid off and our prayers were answered.  We now have beautiful crystal clear water being pumped from the borehole into a tank.  From there it goes into the house as well as the irrigation system.  The pressure is controlled with a pressure pump.

My roses are about to bloom and the clematis are beautiful.  The pool has been filled and we are ready for our summer season.